The urge to live a minimalistic life is just getting stronger day by day. But urban settings do not allow it and so do social settings and family. I guess the only way out is to live as simple as possible and yet not be a misfit in the society. 

It is this urge that has urged me to start this blog and share my space and thoughts and connect with like-minded people.

I believe that life would be simple if our food preferences are simple. 

I consider myself a homemaker and an environmentalist but integrating these two aspects without crossing the line of sanity in this world of ever increasing and intense consumerism and that too when placed in urban settings,  is proving to be quite a feat. 

Which mother would not be driven towards insanity if she is constantly trying to teach her family to live simple in spite of possessing enough to splurge and the only reason for this being that  she respects the Earth and does not want to exploit it. 

It`s quite a razor`s edge!!!

The blog title Chocolate n Vanilla Bakes certainly does not match with the postings in the blog. It is actually the name of my baking venture which I started about two months ago. How far this venture would go, only time will tell but it sure will be a platform for me to connect to a lot of people across the globe. 


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  1. Archana says:

    Glad to check out your blog….looks like you have healthy recipes here….i must try out ragi dosa sometime!

    1. Want to stick to healthy and traditional recipe posts.

      Try out the Ragi laddu too. Maybe for Diwali… It`s very simple and tastes superb. You wouldn`t go wrong but if you do, you can count on me to help you out.

      Want to promote Ragi and other millets.

      1. Archana says:

        that’s nice….will try it out sometime!

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