Simple Ragi-Whole Wheat Dosa

 An extremely nutritious dosa that can be stirred up in a jiffy if the necessary ingredients are available.      

 To stir up the Ragi-Whole Wheat Dosa batter you can either use the ingredients pictured in the left picture or the ones pictured in the right depending on the availability of the required ingredients. The proportions used to make the batter are exactly as shown in the pictures.

Whole Wheat Flour, Ragi flour, Leftover idly or dosa batter, Salt
Whole Wheat Flour, Ragi Flour, Rice Flour, Curd, Salt

The batter shown in the pictures below correspond to the pictures above. The batter on the left is that which was prepared with the ingredients shown in the above-left picture and the batter in the right picture is that which was prepared with the ingredients shown in the above-right picture. 

Batter turned bubbly & frothy after it was left to ferment for 2 hrs. Fermented quickly because of the leftover idly batter
Batter looked like this after it was left to ferment for 30 minutes. This batter will not turn bubbly or frothy

The corresponding dosas made with the corresponding batters are shown below.

A crisper dosa due to the addition of leftover idly batter
The texture and crispness of the dosa improves if the batter is left to ferment for a longer time

Variations to making the batter

 1.  You can omit the rice flour if you do not have it but it lends crispness to the dosa.

 2.  You can add any left-over Ragi-Wheat flour batter to fresh Ragi-Wheat flour batter and omit the curd. It would act like a starter, mobilizing fermentation.    

 3.  Ragi flour can also be omitted but it lends a unique flavour and a crisper texture. Dosa made of only wheat flour is rather soft and gooey. Add just a small quantity of ragi flour.

4.   You can add finely chopped onions,  green chilies and fresh coriander leaves either to the batter or sprinkle over the dosa soon after spreading the batter on the hot girdle.  

Dosa with stone-ground coconut chutney.


 *Avoid adding baking soda to the batter. Try to make the batter through natural fermentation process.

 *Dosas turn crisper and better textured if the batter is left to ferment for atleast 4 hrs. 

*Alternately keep the batter overnight in the refrigerator.  

*The batter keeps well for over a week in the fridge.

 *Do not be put-off by the stringy texture of the batter, it is because of the wheat flour. 

*To save time while making the batter, as shown in the pictures below, put all the ingredients in a large bowl and add a little more than double the volume (of the ingredients) of water and stir lightly and keep aside for 10 minutes. 

Add water to the ingredients
Stir lightly and keep aside for 10 minutes

Stir it up well to smooth out all the lumps and add enough water to get the desired thick pouring consistency as shown in the picture below. This way, one needn`t have to spend much time to dissolve the lumps in the batter.

Stir & add enough water to get the desired, thick pouring consistency

On refrigeration, over a period of time the solids in the batter will settle to the bottom and the water will come up. Not to worry, just stir up the whole batter before use. 



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